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Mark speaks on the new AI economy and how we can best prepare for it.  Audiences are introduced to a new world where learning and problem-solving is the work for humans and acting on that learning is the role for machines.   As a result, audiences learn what the new AI economy is and why it changes everything.

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Mark's Favorite Topics

Collaborating for Success: Humans and Intelligent Machines in the AI Era

Unlock your potential in the AI economy with this captivating presentation. Discover how to thrive alongside intelligent machines, as automation integration enhances productivity and fulfillment. Embrace this new way of working and unleash your creativity, focusing on what truly matters. As humans become catalysts for value creation, we bring wisdom to organizations and the marketplace, leveraging intelligent machines as invaluable tools. This presentation instills an empowered mindset, strategic adaptation, increased productivity, personal growth, creative collaboration, and future preparedness. Leave with the confidence to conquer the future, harnessing the boundless potential of the AI era.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • Empowered Mindset: Audiences leave feeling empowered to thrive in the AI economy alongside intelligent machines.

  • Increased Productivity: Attendees discover practical strategies to leverage automation for enhanced productivity.

  • Creative Collaboration: Audiences explore innovative ways to collaborate with intelligent machines, unleashing their creativity for breakthrough results.

  • Future Preparedness: Attendees gain a forward-thinking perspective, equipped to navigate the AI economy and remain competitive.

Embrace Values, Lead with Confidence: Transform Your Worldview in the AI Era

Prepare for a transformative journey that will reshape your world. In this presentation, you'll be empowered to embrace enduring values that define our shared humanity. Discover the immense power of personal integrity, belief in something greater, and genuine concern for others. As the world becomes increasingly complex, organizations seeking top talent highly value these strong values, placing their trust in their workforce. You'll embody an exceptional attitude, radiating confidence, courage, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge exchange. Liberated from manipulation, you'll become a respected leader, effortlessly attracting like-minded individuals. Join us in revolutionizing your perspective, becoming an exemplar of integrity, and leading with unwavering confidence in the AI Era. Your transformative journey begins now.

Attendees Learn the Nine Promises that Successful Leaders Keep in the AI era:

Have More Brains

• Employ Collaborative Leadership

• Leverage Artificial Intelligence

• Develop and Implement a Learning Strategy

Have More Courage

• Embrace Opportunities to Lead Others

• Endeavor to Do the Right Thing

• Share What I Have Learned

Have More Heart

• Convey Personal Integrity

• Believe in Something Larger than Myself

• Take on Best Interests of Those I Lead


Collision Course: How AI will Revolutionize Education

Embark on a groundbreaking presentation that explores the dynamic relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and education. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the historical foundations, present challenges, and future possibilities of this transformative alliance. Through relatable anecdotes and thought-provoking insights, you'll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the ever-evolving educational landscape in the AI era.  Discover the vital importance of cultivating critical thinking, adapting teaching methodologies, and embracing cutting-edge technologies as we unlock the harmonious coexistence between AI's power and the irreplaceable human element. Together, let's pave the way for a transformative educational landscape where AI enhances the invaluable role of educators, propelling learners to unprecedented success. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of change in the exciting world of AI-powered education.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • Future Readiness: Prepare for ongoing technological advancements by exploring the historical foundations, present challenges, and future possibilities of AI in education.

  • Cultivating Critical Thinking: Emphasizing critical thinking development, adapt teaching methodologies to foster this essential competency in students for success in the AI era.

  • Empowering Educators: Discover how AI can enhance teaching practices, streamlining tasks, personalizing learning, and fostering creativity and innovation.

  • Balance between AI and Human Element: Understand the harmonious coexistence of AI and the human element in education, leveraging AI to augment and support educators' roles.


Member National Speakers Association

Your keynote was not only very well received, but the favorite presentation at the Expo. You provided a genuine and extremely entertaining presentation, where you used humor to make excellent points. Often speaker's humor is separate from their message, but yours was right on the mark – your stories and examples were truly outstanding. I went from laughing out loud to listening intently to every word in order to not miss anything. You also involved the audience well throughout the presentation. I was especially impressed with your in-depth knowledge of performance issues in the workplace. Your cutting edge research and consulting examples provided the audience with a deep understanding of your message. I also loved your use of visuals – they were humorous, and they got the message to the audience. But most of all I was impressed with your genuineness. You made the audience feel like they knew you, which made them want to hear more and more from you. I would highly recommend you to any other organization that wants to unlock the secret of improving work performance.

Ildikó Oravecz (Ildi)

Chief Strategist, High Performance Consulting
Former NMISPI (New Mexico International Society for
Performance Improvement) Chapter President

When I served as president of the board of the local International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) chapter in New Mexico, my goal for our meetings was to provide value to our members. As a board we strove to engage entertaining, informative, and up-to-date speakers in the field of human performance technology (HPT). As such, we were always pleased to have Mark Salisbury speak at our meetings. Feedback from members was consistently positive after one of Mark's presentations, and learning more about our rapidly changing knowledge economy is of tremendous value to our audience. Mark shared several times over the years and because he tailors his message to audiences the focus is different each time. Meeting participants leave with new and fresh ideas that are applicable back on the job. Our chapter is made up of highly-educated training, development, and performance improvement professionals who appreciate practical information that they can immediately use, and that is what Mark offers. I am delighted to recommend him to any audience who seeks to not only understand the new "frontiers" of our knowledge economy, but also to prepare and plan for all the changes that the future will bring.

Diana Spendlove, MA, CPLP, ACC

Former Chapter President – ATD (Association for Talent Development)

Mark Salisbury serves as a catalyst and visionary for knowledge sharing; bringing a wealth of expertise and invaluable resource to the learning and performance community.  It has been my pleasure to work with Mark a number of times; his material is leading edge, and HRD professionals are eager to learn how their current practices can be applied to the new learning economy. Mark genuinely engages his audience through personal stories threaded throughout his presentations that link back to key points of the learning experience.  Participants leave feeling confident in their task to create, preserve and apply knowledge within the new workplace setting.

Patsy Boverie, PhD

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