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Books by Mark Salisbury

Wisdom Makers

Creating Expertise with Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of intelligent machines and the automation they bring is worrying many of us, not only for our livelihood but for the jobs that may be lost to our kids. We worry about what our place will be as human beings in this new economy. This book was written to address these fears and show what our place will be – a right place – in this new economy of smart machines and automation. But, to be successful in this new economy, our job will be to bring innovation to our workplace and the marketplace. And we will use intelligent machines to do it. However, this book is about more than the intelligent machines that we will use to do our work. It introduces a new kind of knowledge worker, a wisdom maker, and begins your story for how to be successful in the emerging wisdom economy.


How to Create an Innovative Learning Organization

Workplace learning and performance professionals simply don t have the resources to make systemic improvements for employees to collaboratively learn anytime, anywhere, and integrate it throughout the organization. iLearning offers these professionals a resource that describes how to facilitate collaborative work in an organization and explains how to facilitate integrated learning in an organization. The book also offers interventions for creating an integrated learning and collaborative work environment and shows how to apply the methodologies and technologies that support an integrated learning and collaborative work environment in an organization.

Socrates™ Digital

for Learning and Problem Solving


Socrates digital is a new type of computer application that is described in Mark Salisbury’s new book, Socrates Digital for Learning and Problem-Solving.  Socrates Digital will change how we solve problems -- and with Mark’s book, the software is practically free!  In his book, Mark shows how to write a Socrates Digital application in a general-purpose programming language that leverages cloud-based artificial intelligence services such as natural language processing and data manipulation techniques.  Offerors of these cloud-based AI services include Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, and Apple.  Most of these cloud-based AI services come with no-code development features that provide a quick and easy means for creating a Socrates Digital application.  For example, Mark has created a no-code implementation of Socrates Digital with Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agent that can be added to Microsoft Teams. Since a version of Power Virtual Agent comes with Teams, this implementation of Socrates Digital is essentially free to organizations that use Office 365. 

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