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​​​MSAlogo.pngMark Salisbury & Associates provides training for individuals, organizations, and educational institutions to be successful in the new learning economy.  In our training sessions, participants focus on developing the skills to employ collaborative leadership, leverage cognitive computing, and create and apply a learning strategy for everything they do.  ​

Mark Salisbury & Associates recognize that strong personal and professional values​ are also critical for success in the new learning economy.   In our training sessions, we complete exercises that reveal the importance of personal integrity, believing in something bigger than ourselves, and keeping the best interests of others in mind.  We also employ exercises to show the impact of having a great personal attitude, confidence, courage, and reciprocity of knowledge in the new learning economy.  


After completing our training sessions, participants will be able to do the following:​

1)    Recognize the characteristics of workers in the learning ecomony and how they differ from their predecessors. 

2)    Recognize that new leadership methods and techniques are needed to successfully lead in the new learning economy.

3)    Apply personal and professional values – personal integrity, belief in something bigger than themselves, and keeping the best interest of others in mind – to improve their own work performance and lead others.

4)    Apply a great personal attitude -- confidence, courage, and reciprocity of knowledge -- to improve their own work performance and lead others.

5)    Apply methods from the learning sciences and utilize technology to accelerate their ability to learn, augment decision making, and lead others. 

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