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​​​​​MSA's Learner​​Point App

The LearnerPoint App was created by Mark Salisbury & Associates to accelerate learning and performance in the SharePoint processes of organizations.  LearnerPoint is a new type of app that facilitates work processes by embedding learning resources into the processes themselves.  In short, LearnerPoint is a means for indi​viduals and organizations to utilize SharePoint to share what they know with those who can immediately put it to work.  This is a game changer.  Work, informal learning, training and education will never be the same for individuals and organizations that embrace LearnerPoint apps for their SharePoint processes.  They will experience that learning is part of work and that accelerating learning within the workplace will dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete a process while improving the quality of the result.​ 

See video Introduction of LearnerPoint ​(1 minute and forty seconds).​  ​


Leveraging IBM's Watson​

If you have been following IBM’s Watson and know the story about it defeating the world’s best players in Jeopardy, you know that it is technically possible to use cognitive computing software to improve knowledge worker productivity. Here’s a fun link if you haven’t seen it – See video of Watson at Work.

​Mark Salisbury & Associates provides software design and development services that can leverage Watson for your organization.  Here's a fun link to a video about a conversational agent that can answer questions about what services Mark Salisbury and Associates provide -- MSA Services (One minute and five seconds​).  ​

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