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​​​​​Mark Salisbury is the author of iLearning: How to Create an Innovative Learning Organization, published by Pfeiffer, a​n imprint of Wiley.



Workplace learning and performance professionals simply don t have the resources to make systemic improvements for employees to collaboratively learn anytime, anywhere, and integrate it throughout the organization. iLearning offers these professionals a resource that describes how to facilitate collaborative work in an organization and explains how to facilitate integrated learning in an organization. The book also offers interventions for creating an integrated learning and collaborative work environment and shows how to apply the methodologies and technologies that support an integrated learning and collaborative work environment in an organization.


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 Coming Soon!  A new book by Mark Salisbury

Rise of the Hemisapiens: How to Lead the New Knowledge Workers



First generation manu​facturing workers and managers were like the Ford Flathead V-8 engine introduced in the 1930s.  ​They needed little cognitive fuel to complete their work.  Second generatio​n workers and supervisors are like the newer Overhead engines, first sold by GM in the 1940s. They use cognitive fuel to process information and make decisions to create new products and services.  As when Chrysler introduced the Hemi engines in the 1950s, the next generation workers are entirely different.  These Hemisapiens ignite more cognitive fuel by using technology to accelerate their learning and augment their decision making abilities at an ever increasing rate.  This book introduces the Hemisapiens. It shows how to recognize them and how to become one.  More importantly, it tells how to lead them.